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AAL (Active Assisted Living)

The main objective of the Active & Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL) is to improve the quality of life of older adults and enable them to live their lives independently and in their own homes, even if they have to cope with physical or mental problems. Secondly, the programme will support the European economic and industrial base. AAL solutions are based on the wishes and needs of older adults, their families/ informal carers as well as professionals. They must be involved at all stages of the programme, as well as relevant other stakeholders. 

More info on AAL website.

AAL is geared towards enterprises that want to market and/or implement novel ICT-based solutions for older adults. AAL is specifically suited for Flemish SMEs that want to develop new products or services for older adults in an international context as well as for Flemish care organisations (residential care, home assistance, insurances, etc.) that want to co-create and implement novel solutions.

AAL organises an annual call for project, to be published in the first quarter.

International proposals should be submitted centrally at AAL. 

The funding of a project is implemented at national level. Every project partner within a funded project applies at his/her National Funding Agency (NFA) for funding. The NFA accepts the central selection decision and applies the national funding rules to the project partner.

VLAIO participates with:

  • development project
    typical project type for AAL project activities
  • research project
    exceptional, may be relevant for project with a significant set of research activities
  • Specific arrangement for cooperation between an enterprise and a strategic research centre (SOC): mandatory consultation of SOC with VLAIO prior to submission

Extra info will be requested from the Flemish project partners after central submission. (typical timing: June)

Flemish project partners in ranked proposals will be invited for Clarification & Negotiation shortly after approval of the international ranking. (typical timing: September)

For specific information on AAL please contact, T +32 2 432 42 44.



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