SmartEEs2 call for application experiments

SmartEEs2, a European acceleration program, is organizing an open Call for Application Experiments with the objective of providing support to Innovative Companies to digitalise their businesses and access new markets by integrating Flexible and Wearable Electronics technologies (FWE) into advanced products / series of products and services.

Interested companies can apply to one of the following two topics:

  1. Experimenting and testing end-product ideas with FWE technologies
  2. Support to manufacturing of FWE based end-products including upscaling

Important notice for applicants applying to both topics:

  • Applicants are requested to contact Helpdesk prior to applying to the Call for AEs in order to check technical and business feasibility / scope of their ideas. The feasibility check will be performed by SmartEEs2 technical and business experts.
  • SmartEEs2 project would like to directly contribute to reducing spread of COVID – 19 and other viruses with flexible & wearable electronics as solutions in the field of prevention, diagnostics, therapy, etc. Therefore, SmartEEs2 will preferentially support 2 application experiment proposals related to this thematic particularly under the 1st cut-off date.

1. Experimenting and testing end-product ideas with FWE technologies

The types of activities that qualify for receiving support have to be related to industrial and societal adoption of new digital products, services and business models enabled by Flexible and Wearable electronics (visit Marketplace for technology details):

  • OLED lighting
  • Organic photovoltaics
  • Flexible displays
  • Electronics and components
  • Integrated smart systems
  • Smart textiles
  • Structural electronics

Specifically, the aims of Application Experiments for this topic will be:

  • The transformation of a product idea into a functional product demonstrator;
  • The creation of an exploitation plan.

2. Support to manufacturing of FWE based end-products including upscaling

The types of activities that qualify for receiving support have to be related to the following manufacturing technologies (visit Marketplace for manufacturing technologies):

  • Electronics Printing
  • High volume component assembly
  • Post-processing / Finishing
  • Structural electronics

This topic is open for companies which already have a Flexible and Wearable Electronics demonstrator but do not have the necessary manufacturing capacity to transform the existing demonstrator into production demonstrator for volume manufacturing. Examples of typical applicants are given below:

  • I would like to produce samples on large quantity and at good quality;
  • I have a product demo and want to do clinical trials;
  • I want to show the potential of my products to a large set of potential customers;
  • I have a large size product;
  • I want to validate “state of the art” production methods;
  • I want to validate technology close to implementation.

Specifically, the aims of application experiments for this topic will be:

  • Small series of demonstrators;
  • Advancement and validation of the exploitation plan (e.g. cost calculation, supply chain, market expansion).


The Call will be open from March 2020 to September 2021, and applicants will be able to apply anytime. Any submitted proposal will be evaluated in the nearest cut-off (deadline: 17:00 CET).

1st Cut-off 05/06/2020
2nd Cut-off 23/09/2020
3rd Cut-off 15/01/2021
4th Cut-off 07/05/2021
5th Cut-off 31/08/2021


The Call is open to:

  • SMEs and Mid-caps
  • Tech (innovative companies) or non-tech (traditional industries)
  • From all activities fields

The financial support available for an Application Experiment is up to 100 k€:

  1. Up to 60 k€ worth of technical services delivered directly by the SmartEEs community or by third party suppliers affiliated to the SmartEEs Community in the form of a Voucher
  2. Up to 20 k€ Voucher assigned to the Innovative Company for technical activities integrating above technical services and directly related to the product prototyping / support to manufacturing activities (Deliverable 1 of the Application Experiment).
  3. Up to 20 k€ assigned for non-technical activities related to the setting-up of the exploitation plan (Deliverable 2 of the Application Experiment):
    • In the form of a Voucher if activities are carried out directly and fully by the Innovative Company (in case the Innovative Company has all required competences to establish a comprehensive Exploitation Plan),
    • Or alternatively delivered directly as a comprehensive non-technical service by the SmartEEs2 consortium.

The financial support of the Application Experiment will be complemented by the in-Kind contribution of all third party benefiting from the Voucher (being suppliers of services or Innovative Companies), complying with the H2020 funding rules (70% funding rate of eligible costs for private organisations).