H2020 - no financial errors.be – 2020 edition - 2 webinars

We have transformed the formerly scheduled 1 day meeting into 2 webinars:

This information session is organised by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Belgian Legal and Financial National Contact Points.

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The aim of the events is to explain to Horizon 2020 project partners how to avoid errors in Horizon 2020 project reporting. 

Initially planned as a one-day session, it has been split into two shorter webinars taking place on two different dates, Wednesday 17 June and Thursday 25 June, starting on both dates at 10.00. The two webinars cover different topics. The detailed programme is shown below:


  • most common Belgian errors
  • personnel cost


  • other direct costs
  • third parties

You can participate to either one or both webinars. Access is free but registration is mandatory.

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European Commission and the Belgian Legal and Financial National Contact Points

Dit event is afgelopen