EYnovation™ In The Spotlight | Expanding to South-east Asia

EYnovation™ will host another interesting In The Spotlight session where several seasoned Belgian entrepreneurs will talk about their approach and experiences in setting up an office in (South)east Asia. Entering any of the markets in Asia for the first time is extraordinarily exciting for any business. Asia is a dynamic region, compromising over 60% of the world’s population across 49 countries. It is diverse, international, entrepreneurial and a principal driver of global economic and business growth.

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Unlike Europe or the US, Asia does not have a federal governance implementing uniform rules and regulations. Furthermore, the diversity of culture, language and economic development in the continent, requires careful consideration in selecting the initial Asian footprint of your business. Therefore, both the upside and downside of doing business in this part of the world are extensive.

EYnovation™ invited three entrepreneurs who’ll testify on their experience in Southeast Asia and China.

The testimonials will cover questions, such as:

  • How did they determine which market to expand to?
  • Which factors (legal, tax, social, business) did they take into account?
  • What are pitfalls and things to avoid?
  • How did they deal with the different culture and consumer-mindset?
  • ...


18h30 – 19h00: Welcome to the EY wavespace
18h45 – 19h10: Testimonial by Tony Van De Zegel - managing director iText Sofware
19h10 – 19h35: Testimonial by Bart Horsten - China entrepreneur and consultant, managing director Horsten International
19h35 – 20h00: Testimonial by Bart Geraerts - technical director and founding partner iPee
20h00 - 20h15: Panel Discussion - Q&A
20h15 - 21h30: Network with food & drinks

Happy to see you at our EY Wavespace in Berchem


PS: For more information feel free to contact melanie.capocciuti@be.ey.com

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