Subsidies & financiering


We offer support for training, consulting, investment and research & development directly to companies. Subsidies to knowledge institutions, collective centers, researchers, clusters, ... You will find them under 'VLAIO Network'.






Research & Development

A measure giving entrepreneurs financial aid in the purchase of training and advice.
For SMEs who wish to realise a strategic growth trajectory by purchasing advice or recruiting a strategic employee.
Subsidy for innovations that play a key role in achieving a business case that can strengthen your business.
Grant to companies to expand or enhance their research and development capacities.
Investment aid for pioneering ecological technologies mentioned on a limitative technology list
Subsidy for investments and training that are essential for the implementation of the transformation project.
A subsidy for companies and organisations who wish to conduct a feasibility study in preparation of an innovative project.
A financial subsidy for small enterprises who face serious hindrance from roadworks.
Mandate for PhD research in close cooperation with a company.
Subsidy for strategic basic research by postgraduate researchers together with knowledge centres or companies
Subsidies for international cooperation related to innovation and R&D
Financial support, guidance and advice for innovative starters (= enterprise is less than 2 years old).
Subsidy for investments in ecological and safe transport of goods by road
Support for SMEs who are affected by Brexit.
Investment aid for companies realising a strategic ecology project concerning technologies that do not appear in the EP-Plus
Compensation for high CO2 costs in electricity-intensive sectors.
Not strictly a subsidy, but various benefits in administrative-judicial and financial terms for project developers.
Subsidy for the (re)development or (re)design of business terrains
Economic support for audiovisual works such as feature-length fiction, documentary or animation films/series.