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Baekeland mandates

In brief

The Flemish government aims to give individual researchers the opportunity to carry out a PhD in close cooperation with the business/ industrial sector. On the one hand, a Flemish company is involved. This company determines the strategic orientation of the project and ensures co-funding. On the other hand, a Flemish university is responsible for supporting and awarding a PhD in accordance with the usual quality standards. The company is the main applicant at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Once approved, the company is offered project-based support. We co-fund the staff and operating costs of the PhD student.

Baekeland mandates target researchers wishing to carry out a PhD project in close cooperation with Flemish companies. With this programme, we aim to encourage the PhD student’s mobility, not only between the academic and industrial world, but also internationally. The Baekeland programme is open to mandataries from all scientific areas, of all nationalities and all ages. Researchers who have recently graduated may submit a request, but also those who have been working in a company for many years get the chance to do a PhD within the Baekeland programme, whilst also being able to continue working in the business.


In summary

Who is eligible?
consortium consisting of (at minimum) a Flemish company, a Flemish university and a PhD student
What is it for?
conducting a PhD project with added value for thecompany
50 to 80% of the staff and operating costs of the PhD student






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