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Support for innovative starters

In brief

With the support for innovative starters, the Flemish government aims to support small enterprises that are less than 2 years old and that are located in the Flemish Region. The support consists of financial support in combination with external expert guidance and business case advice, and is specifically targeted at innovative starters who: 

  • can be considered pioneers in their sector/ the market; 
  • have a great potential and simultaneously feel the desire to develop this potential; 
  • face challenges that will require minimum one FTE/ €70,000 for it to be solved; 
  • have a competent team at their disposal; 
  • have already started to build up a network of professional contacts.

In summary

Who is eligible?
small enterprises, less than 2 years old and located in the Flemish Region
What is it for?
Financial support in combination with external guidance and advice




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