Innovation mandates

In brief

An innovation mandate is specifically intended to allow postdoctoral researchers to carry out a project in close collaboration with the business / industrial sector, whether this be with an existing company, or with a view to setting up a new company. 

The aim of an innovation mandate is the economic valorisation of the research results and also basic research, in order to make the results applicable to companies, in other words, innovation mandates are projects whose level of risk is still too high to be carried out as an industrial R&D project.

In summary

Who is eligible?
consortium between Flemish company, Flemish knowledge institution and postdoctoral researcher. The latter submits the request.
What is it for?
strategic basic research project whose results lead to added value for the company or inception of a spin-off company
50 to 100% of the staff and operating costs of the postdoctoral researcher



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