R&D feasibility study

In brief

As of May 2021, companies, non-profit organisations and public organisations who wish to set up an innovative project can apply for the R&D feasibility study subsidy.  

The aim of a feasibility study is to obtain a better insight into the possibilities and the feasibility of an innovative project. 

The intended innovation should have sufficient valorisation potential for Flanders.  

Carrying out a feasibility study can be considered a useful, preparatory step for companies and organisations who wish to apply for other VLAIO subsidies (e.g. subsidies for research projects, development projects, ICON projects).

In summary

Who is eligible?
Companies, non-profit organisations and public organisations
What is it for?
Feasibility study in preparation of innovative projects
40 to 50% subsidy of the project budget, with a maximum support of €50,000 per partner



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