Information for the cultural and creative sectors

Are you a cultural sector company seeking grants, subsidies or funding?

Every entrepreneur faces a financing need sooner or later, such as for starting up, to launch a new project, for a particular investment or to grow. 

Through the subsidy database (only in Dutch), VLAIO provides basic information on the main support measures of the provincial, Flemish, federal and European governments. It’s not only grants, such as the SME portfolio, but also other support opportunities are included in this database. For example, there is PMV's win-win loan for those who want to finance a creative project or venture as a friend, family member or acquaintance.   

The grants overview page for the professional arts (only in Dutch) and the grants guidance for the creative and cultural sectors (only in Dutch) also provide you with an overview of the main grant measures. The eligibility guide is automatically updated so you always have the most current information when downloading.


Finding the right mix of funding sources in this regard is not always easy, but often determines the success of a project. That is where FINMIX may come into play for you. 

FINMIX is open to small, medium and large companies, to both (potential) start-ups and ambitious growth companies looking for alternative financing for their plans. Flanders DC's FINMIX panel specifically serves entrepreneurs active in the fashion and design sector. Are you active in another cultural or creative sector? Then check out VLAIO's FINMIX panel (only in Dutch).

Intellectual Property support opportunities

Companies wishing to invest in intellectual property rights can take advantage of a number of support measures. On this page, we list some of the subsidies and tax benefits specific to intellectual property (IP). 

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SME e-wallet

The SME portfolio is a measure allowing an entrepreneur to receive financial support to purchase training and advice.

  • For which organisations? Flemish SMEs and practitioners.
  • For what? For purchasing services that improve the quality of your business.

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SME growth subsidy

Are you considering digitisation or sustainability innovations for your business? Then you can apply for the SME growth grant. It supports growing companies to make their products, services and processes smarter. Please note! The growth project must be innovative. The SME Growth Subsidy is for SMEs that want to achieve a strategic leap in growth. Subsidy to purchase consulting or hiring a strategic employee.

  • For which organisations? SMEs with an establishment in Flanders
  • For what? Strategic advice from an external service provider or the gross salary cost of hiring a strategic employee

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Innovation support for research & development

Do you require support in the development of a new product or service that requires thorough research and development? Then you can turn to VLAIO for an appropriate grant.

  • For which organisations? Companies, nonprofit organisations and public sector organisations that are developing a new technology requiring new knowledge, thoroughly improving processes or services, building a prototype or completing a pilot phase.
  • For what? For personnel and other costs related to the project.

Innovation support tools: 

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