Information for the cultural and creative sectors

What are the cultural and creative sectors?

In Flanders, the creative sector is divided into 12 sub-sectors: fashion, music, design, architecture, communication, PR & advertising, print media, visual arts, games, new media, performing arts, heritage and the audiovisual sector. 

The talent is there and VLAIO supports it with services through the VLAIO Contact Center, the VLAIO business advisors, the intellectual property advisors, and the subsidy and grants database. But also through our support through Flanders DC, the Flanders Game Hub, the media incubator - Seeds and Growth for Media and Screen Flanders. As well as, through collaboration with other organisations such as the Culture Office and the VAF.

Are you looking for information, guidance and advice? Here's what VLAIO can do for you.

Many Flemish companies today find specific support for policy. VLAIO and the partners in the VLAIO Network support small, medium and large companies. Are you looking for financial support? Would you rather have a listening ear or low-threshold advice? 

Are you not sure yet as to how you can achieve your idea? 

Is your project still non-existent, fledgling or in a more advanced stage? At each stage, it is interesting to exchange experiences with other companies. It also makes sense to let others inspire, advise and coach you early on in your development. That is a role for the partners in the VLAIO Network: Unizo, Voka, Agoria, the universities, colleges and many others. Get to know them through information sessions, workshops, trainings and events. Explore the range in the expertise database (only in Dutch).

Are you looking for general help with accounting, legal, financial and strategic questions? 

Explore the starter's guide (only in Dutch). It offers exercises, tips, checklists, templates, canvases and inspiration to get you started. You can also contact the VLAIO Contact Center via the toll-free number 0800 20 555 or by calling They refer you to support measures, knowledge, events, workshops and VLAIO partners such as knowledge institutions, strategic and collective research centres and interprofessional organisations such as Voka, Unizo, Agoria,..

Are you looking for help with intellectual property (IP) questions? 

Go to Protect your intellectual property (only in Dutch) to find information on the various IP rights and useful links. If you would like to know more or have specific questions, contact our IP advisors by email on or call 0800 20 555 (free of charge). They will help you themselves or refer you to more specialised organisations such as the Culture Office.

Are you looking for guidance on innovation and growth plans?

VLAIO business advisors guide companies in their innovation and growth plans by providing them with knowledge, partners and financial levers. They provide an active listening sounding board and review the technical, financial and commercial feasibility of your business case with you. Based on that analysis, they advise you on options for the next steps. Make an appointment, free of charge.

Are you looking for answers to industry-specific questions and for an organisation that can help you? 

VLAIO directs you to the leading initiatives and organisations that can respond to the specific needs and demands of the cultural and creative sectors: government agencies, intermediary organisations, interest groups, continuity assurance funds, management companies and social agencies for artists. Explore the Overview.

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