R&D feasibility study

What criteria do applicants have to meet to be eligible?

Each support application will be assessed on eligibility.  

Eligibility is based on formal criteria: 

  • The applicant is a company, a non-profit organisation or a public organisation with operational and economic activities in the Flemish Region.  
  • The statements of the business and the research partners have been signed correctly. 
  • The requested information has been submitted (project budget, project description). 
  • The application rules have been honoured: 
    • The applicant has the financial means to bear the costs that VLAIO will not cover. This must be substantiated by a calculation of the net working capital in the project description. 
    • The applicant(s) is (are) no ‘undertaking in difficulty’ at the moment of the submission. 
    • The application is limited to 10 pages (+2 pages per extra business partner). 
    • The duration of the study is between 3 and 12 months. 
    • The application has been submitted in either Dutch or English. 
  • Each applicant has received no more than 8 million euro support during the current calendar year (or 12 million euro, in case a project is in cooperation with SMEs or in case of a European cooperation project). 
  • Companies/ organisations can only apply for a feasibility study subsidy once a year. 
  • The applicants can request a maximum of €50,000 support per partner and a maximum of €500,000 support in total. 



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