R&D feasibility study

Amount of the feasibility study subsidy

The basic support amounts to 40% of the project budget. An additional 10% support can be granted if the applicant is an SME.

Which expenses are eligible?  

The amount of the subsidy is based on the project budget.

The project budget encompasses all the costs necessary for the execution of the project: 

  • the personnel costs of the business partners (on the basis of man power and real labour costs); 
  • the overhead and operating costs of the business partners 
  • third-party costs such as the payment of invoices submitted by self-employed professionals and the costs of outsourcing work to research partners and subcontractors; 
  • investment costs that can directly be linked to the execution of the project. 

The budget application is to be drawn up in accordance with an Excel cost template, which specifies the minimum information that must be provided and which can be found under ‘Application procedure’. 

After the budget template has been submitted, VLAIO will verify which costs come into consideration for subsidy and will determine the approved budget. 

After the approved budget has been determined, the amount of the subsidy will be defined by taking into account 40% of all the approved project costs. This percentage can be supplemented with an additional premium. 

Additional premium: The support percentage will be increased by 10% if the project has been set up by a SME. 

The total support percentage is limited to 50% of the approved project costs.



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