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Support for innovative starters

How to apply for the support for innovative starters?

SEs should contact one of VLAIO’s partners, 80 applicants will get the chance to present their project for a jury. 

VLAIO has opted to work with an application phase and a qualifying round. 

Starters who are interested in receiving support for their innovative projects should first announce themselves to VLAIO (for 2022 between February 2nd and March 3d) and choose one of the cooperating VLAIO partners. Each partner can put forward a dozen starters. 

After the submission deadline has passed, the applicants will receive guidance from their VLAIO partner and the VLAIO business consultants on the elaboration of their ideas. 

Their proposals will be assessed on acceptability and the 80 most promising starters get the chance to present their plans by means of a pitch (5 to 15 minutes). This pitch will be followed by a Q&A (30 to 40 minutes). Subsequently, VLAIO will select the 55 starters with the best ideas. These 55 starters will be granted the subsidy and will be contacted by VLAIO via e-mail.

The partners are:



Koning Albert II-laan 35 bus 12
1030 Brussels