Green investment subsidy

Who can submit an application for this GREEN project invitation?

All SMEs and large enterprises that invest in a place of business in the Flemish Region, carry out an acceptable main activity (NACE-code)and have an acceptable legal form. 

  • Organisations without a place of business in the region must establish a place of business in the Flemish region no later than one year after approval of the subsidy application.
  • If you are in the target group of EBO Flanders, you must also have joined the energy policy agreement.
  • Excluded are agricultural enterprises, third-party financing, enterprises in which the government holds a share of 50% or more, enterprises in difficulty or enterprises against which government subsidy recovery proceedings are pending.
  • NPO’s with an economic activity are eligible if they keep separate accounts for the relevant economic activity.

Financing through an asset management company

The investments may be managed by an asset management company that is part of the same group as the applicant company. The companies are considered part of the same group in one of the following cases:

  • the asset management company has a direct or indirect participation of at least 25% in the applicant company;
  • the applicant company directly or indirectly owns at least 25% of the asset management company;
  • a natural person or legal entity directly or indirectly participates at least 25% in both companies.

When financing investments through an asset management company, the operating company should apply for the subsidy. The financial accounting and depreciation are carried out at the asset management company. The applicant operating company receives the actual environmental subsidy funds. The application of the five-year period means making the amount available to the subsidy applicant company for five years.



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