Green investment subsidy

What happens after applying for the GREEN investment subsidy?


VLAIO evaluates the admissible application based on the project description and project budget.

Assessment criteria 

There are five evaluation criteria: 

  1. Clear description of the technology and its technical feasibility.
  2. Situation of the technology relative to an industry standard technology and, if relevant, the Best Available Technology (BAT, state of the art) for the industry.
  3. Economic feasibility and added value of the subsidy.
  4. Cost-effectiveness of environmental benefits of investments.
  5. Ambition level of environmental objectives and quantification of environmental impact.

These assessment criteria are evaluated using a scoring grid with score categories of ‘critical’, 'moderate’, and 'good’. 

A project is evaluated negatively if:

  • at least one criterion is rated as 'critical’.
  • a project is scored 'moderate' for three or more evaluation criteria.

VLAIO prepares a decision proposal to the Flemish minister responsible for economic affairs. The subsidy applicant will be notified of the decision via email. 

After assessment of the project

VLAIO aims to provide the applicant with a decision via mail within 4 months of the submission date.

To ensure the incentive nature of the subsidy, the company must not have started investing yet. 

A project may start from the first day of the month following the month in which the subsidy application was submitted. The start date is set as the earliest date either of the first invoice, deed upon acquisition of real estate, or lease contract. 

For example: you submit the subsidy application on 15 April 2023. In that case, the earliest the investment may start is 1 May 2023. If you submit on 8 May, the earliest the investment may begin is 1 June. This is independent of any subsidy approval.

The project must start within 12 months of subsidy approval. If this deadline is exceeded, VLAIO may decide on extending the deadline to start the investment. This extension is for a maximum of six months (up to a maximum of 18 months after subsidy approval).

The project must be implemented no later than three years from the decision date. 


Basic conditions of disbursement

The basic conditions for disbursement are:

  • proper implementation of the approved application;
  • the timely and correct submission of supporting documents;
  • compliance with applicable legal provisions.

Disbursement in parts

The subsidy awarded is paid out in two 50% instalments. The first part is disbursed after 50% of the project costs have been demonstrated. The second part is paid out upon completion of the project. The 'date of termination' means the last date either of the last invoice or of the last or only lease agreement.

The applicant attaches supporting documents relating to the investment costs to the disbursement application. VLAIO reviews accountability documents and may request additional information from any party involved. 

All disbursement requests must be submitted to VLAIO no later than six months after the end of the project.

Disbursement request for first part of 50% of subsidy

The beneficiary files a request for disbursement of the first part as soon as at least 50% of the project is realised, attaching the following supporting documents:

  • the invoices for purchases and, if applicable, lease contracts;
  • proof of activation: the depreciation tables or an extract from the general ledger accounts.

Application for second part of 50% of subsidy

The beneficiary requests disbursement of the second part no later than 12 months after completion of the project, attaching the following supporting documents:

  • the invoices for purchases and, if applicable, lease contracts;
  • proof of activation: the depreciation tables or an extract from the general ledger accounts;
  • a sworn statement.

If after completion of the project the costs incurred are lower than originally estimated, the subsidy will be recalculated and prorated in accordance with the demonstrated eligible costs. If the costs incurred are higher than originally estimated, the subsidy cannot be exceeded. 

The subsidy is not finally acquired until final approval of the reported costs. It is possible that your file will be checked by the VLAIO inspection service after disbursement. In cases of unlawful aspects, the subsidy may be revised.

How to request a part

The decision email you receive includes a link to request payment. Cannot find this email? Log in via



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