Green investment subsidy

How do you apply for GREEN investment subsidy?

You can apply for GREEN investment subsidy by completing the steps below:

Project description

The project description covers the substantive aspects of the application. 

This is a brief description of:

  • the activities of the company and the location where the investment will be made
  • the project with the planned ecology investments
  • the comparable standard investment 
  • the contribution to environmental and climate goals, among others, including a calculation
  • the status of the environmental permit.

Project Budget

All costs for both the ecology investment and the standard investment must be noted in the Excel form of the application. Also map the inputs and outputs of the process. 

The project invitation will run until the end of 2024 or until the funds are exhausted. If the balance is not sufficient to fully support the next subsidy application, no more subsidy will be awarded from the balance, unless the next highest subsidy applicant agrees to allocation of the remaining balance only. 

Projects will be considered in order of submission date, subject to meeting the deadline for providing any missing information (12 working days).

Eligibility check

Once submitted, VLAIO will evaluate applications based on the eligibility criteria listed below:

  • the applicant meets the conditions for submission as stated in points 3 and 4
  • the project costs are at least 50,000 euros as stated in point 2
  • the application was submitted in a timely and complete manner as stated in Section 6.1
  • the company has not yet started investing as stated in point 6.1
  • the investment is in no way required by law.

GREEN investment support may not be cumulated with other government support. This means that the company may not apply for subsidy for the same eligible investment costs from different organisations and/or subsidy instruments. This means, for example, that no overlap is allowed in invitations from VLAIO and VEKA, that there should be no overlap between premiums from Fluvius and subsidy through VLAIO, etc.

VLAIO decides whether or not the application is admissible. If the application is inadmissible, VLAIO notifies the subsidy applicant in writing accordingly.



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