COOCK (Collective R&D and Collective Dissemination of Knowledge)

What do COOCK+ projects entail?

COOCK+ projects aim to valorise research results by accelerating the introduction of technology and knowledge to a broad group of companies.

A COOCK+ project consists of 2 independent parts that are interconnected:

  • Part A is aimed at translating research results, possible additional building up knowledge, and the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and technology to a broad group of companies. Only this part is eligible for support within the COOCK+ programme. The basic support percentage for part A is 50%. A bonus of 20% can be awarded for collaboration.
    Through an obligation of result, the support percentage for part A can reach 80 to100%, i.e. in function of the achieved KPI’s (KPI = Key Performance Indicator), as well as the budgetary efforts of all company specific projects, a support bonus of 30% can be acquired.
  • Part B is a compilation of all the specific actions of the companies, subsidized or not, in which the value of the developed technology or generated knowledge from part A is applied in a specific context of the company.



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