COOCK (Collective R&D and Collective Dissemination of Knowledge)

Which companies and projects are eligible for the COOCK+ project subsidy?

Who is eligible?

A COOCK+ project can be applied for by one or more recognised Flemish research & knowledge dissemination organisations. Non-Flemish research organisations can be co-applicants. 

Projects can be submitted within the framework of the annual COOCK+ call, the calls of the Flemish cluster policy or of a CORNET call.

For whom are COOCK+ projects intended?

The target group of COOCK+ projects are all companies within the innovation spectrum, including early adopters and early or late followers. The focus is mainly on small and medium-sized companies, but large (non-R&D intensive) companies can also be involved.

An active involvement of the target group is essential. In order to stimulate interaction with the target group, a representative support group is composed for each project.

What is the typical project duration of COOCK projects? 

Within a COOCK project, part A has a project duration between 1 and 3 years (max. 2 years for CORNET projects) and a minimum size of 1 FTE.

The start-up of company specific actions (part B) can be continuous, up to 2 years after the end of part A, so that the total maximum project duration is 5 years.

Which activities are eligible?

The following activities are foreseen within part A of a COOCK+ project:

  • Collective research: translation research and possibly additional knowledge building and/ or generic cases;
  • Activities in the context of general broad knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer (seminars, publications, workshops, demonstrations, lectures, website, etc.).

The activities of the company specific actions (part B) can vary from testing the feasibility up to implementing a technology/ knowledge within one or more companies.



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