COOCK (Collective R&D and Collective Dissemination of Knowledge)

In brief

Companies are increasingly challenged to quickly respond to economic and societal challenges, but many do not have sufficient own resources or research capacity for doing so. For them, collective knowledge acquisition and transfer is an important tool for innovation. Offering new technology and knowledge helps Flemish companies which are not actively engaged in research themselves to innovate and implement research results.

COOCK projects (Collective R&D and Collective Dissemination of Knowledge) aim to valorise research results by accelerating the introduction of technology and knowledge to a broad group of companies. 

Projects can be submitted within the framework of the annual COOCK+ call, the calls of the Flemish cluster policy or of a CORNET call.

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In summary

Who is eligible?
Flemish research and knowledge dissemination organisations
What is it for?
Collective R&D projects and collective dissemination/ transfer of knowledge
50% of the approved budget (basic support) + 20% bonus for cooperation + max. 30% additional support (with obligation of result)




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