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Subsidies for international cooperation related to innovation and R&D

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M-ERA.NET supports ambitious, transnational R&D projects in the area of material science and engineering.


M-ERA.NET 3 is an ERA.NET project under CO-FUND (H2020) that aims to stimulate cooperation between European research and innovation funding organisations within the field of materials science and engineering.

Composition of the consortium?

The network comprises 50 public granting agencies from 36 countries, including 25 EU member state, 5 associated and 6 non-European organisations.

An M-ERA.NET project consortium consists of at least three funding-requesting partners from three different countries (at least 2 EU member states or associated countries). Specific criteria apply to each country or region. Please contact the granting agencies in each country or region in which aid is requested prior to submission.

M-ERA.NET 3 runs from 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2026 and builds on the experience acquired in the previous M.ERA.NET 2 phase that ran from 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2021.

Committed programmes?

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship participates with its funding instruments for research projects and development projects. Projects must meet a number of specific criteria to be admissible.


The evaluation takes place in 2 phases. When participating in a call, the project manager of the international M-ERA.NET project must submit a pre-proposal to M-ERA.NET at the specified limit date. The Flemish participant who requests support from VLAIO must simultaneously submit a VLAIO-annex to VLAIO. After the "extended eligibility" by the granting agencies involved, the retained project proposals are invited to submit a full-proposal, which is then centrally evaluated by M-ERA.NET 3.

Target group?

The target group of M-ERA.NET 3 is broad and generally focuses on companies, universities and research institutes that want to carry out a challenging and risky R&D project together with foreign partners. Flemish participants who request support from VLAIO must meet the conditions for a research or development project. The main applicant for Flanders should be a Flanders-based company. A research institute can only participate as a partner or subcontractor of that Flanders-based company.

More information?


VLAIO-specific documents for submission

VLAIO-annex for international and interregional projects


Having a specific M-ERA.NET question? Please contact, T +32 2 432 43 27.



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