SME e-wallet

How to apply for the SME e-wallet

Each enterprise must go through a specific procedure to apply for this subsidy. 

You will have to register your enterprise on the website in advance. Legal representatives get access to the SME e-wallet of their company by means of their digital key (f.e. eid, itsme, …). Any other person only has access if they request a user right from a legal representative of the company via ‘Gebruikersbeheer Vlaamse overheid’. 

Before submitting your subsidy application, you must already have concluded an agreement with a recognised service provider. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the performance of the services.  

Upon confirmation of the application by the service provider, the enterprise will have to pay its own contribution to the electronic portfolio in full within 30 days. 

After receiving the own share, the subsidy is added and the entrepreneur can pay the invoice via the SME e-wallet.


Sodexo Pass Belgium wordt Pluxee!

De groep SODEXO Pass Belgium heeft officieel haar nieuwe naam en merk onthuld: Pluxee. Het bankrekeningnummer en contactgegevens blijven ongewijzigd, maar het bankrekeningnummer staat nu op naam van PLUXEE.




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