Cybersecurity improvement trajectories

How to apply?

Companies who want to make use of this support should contact one of the selected service providers themselves. An enterprise can choose the service provider that best fits its own profile. It is not excluded to cooperate with multiple service providers during one trajectory.

The selected service providers are:

  • BA - Sirius Legal
  • Cronos Security - Bow Tie Security
  • EY
  • Netcure
  • PwC Enterprise Advisory
  • Toreon
  • Cegeka
  • Savaco
  • Apogado
  • Proximus NXT
  • Sertalink
  • Group K
  • Cresco
  • Zerobit - Grant Thorton - Soteria
  • Axians

During an initial interview, the service provider will determine whether an enterprise meets the criteria to be eligible for the subsidy. If this is the case, the service provider will draw up an offer. This offer must be in accordance with the company’s cybersecurity needs and should mention the trajectory costs and the payment terms. In addition, it should include: 

  • The different steps in the trajectory (deliverables)
  • The intended result(s)
  • The tools and methodology that will be used
  • The expected amount of time necessary to guide/ advise the SME
  • The actions the SME must take itself during the trajectory

Only after approval of the offer/quote by VLAIO, the improvement trajectory is eligible for VLAIO-support..



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