Cybersecurity improvement trajectories

Amount of the cybersecurity improvement trajectories

Each enterprise can receive a maximum of 50% subsidy for a trajectory that costs between €8,500 and €35,000.

The amount of the support depends on the package and the service provider. 
The service provider will first draw up an offer. For a trajectory to be eligible for financial support, the basic package needs to have a total cost between €8,500 and €35,000 (excluding VAT). 

Prices basic package

  • START: between €8,500 and €10,800 (excluding VAT) 
  • MEDIUM: between €17,000 and €22,000 (excluding VAT)
  • PLUS: between €28,800 and €35,000 (excluding VAT)

In combination with one or two expansion packages, the total cost price has a maximum of €60,000 (excluding VAT). 

The trajectory is only eligible for VLAIO support after approval of the offer by VLAIO. VLAIO pays 50% of the eligible costs (including VAT) and pays out its share directly to the service provider. 



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