Cybersecurity improvement trajectories

What do the cybersecurity improvement trajectories entail?

Most SMEs and social enterprises are not aware (enough) of the problems and challenges regarding cybersecurity. As the increasing digitalization makes them even more vulnerable to online attacks and threats, it is crucial that companies improve their cybersecurity.

Through the cybersecurity improvement trajectories, the Flemish government supports Flemish SMEs and social enterprises who wish to purchase advice or guidance from an external service provider to deal with the new digital challenges in a sustainable way. The Flemish government has therefore selected 9 service providers that offer services that deal with cybersecurity challenges. All 9 service providers have great expertise in cybersecurity as well as considerable experience in guiding Flemish companies in the improvement of their cybersecurity. Enterprises are free to choose any of these 9 service providers.

An improvement trajectory takes the form of an individual, tailor-made, in-depth guidance trajectory. This trajectory normally consists of:

  • An in-depth (technical) analysis of the company’s cybersecurity maturity
  • The drawing-up of an action plan to improve the company’s cybersecurity
  • Advice/ guidance on solving the observed security problems



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