BAR - Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Evaluation procedure BAR

VLAIO will review project applications after submission based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • the project applicant meets the conditions
  • the project applicant has suffered a negative Brexit impact
  • the project applicant complies with state aid regulations
  • the application was submitted in due order and in due time
  • the application has been submitted in full

After submitting your project, the project will be evaluated by the BAR Management Authority.

If any of these requirements are not met, the project will not be processed further by the BAR Management Authority.

What happens after the decision?

Possible decisions are "approved," "approved subject to conditions" or “rejected.”

If your project is approved “subject to conditions”, the application needs to be further completed  or further substantiated with supporting documents.

If your project is approved, a project agreement will be drawn up with the BAR Management Authority.

You are required to report substantively and financially to the BAR Management Authority. This reporting allows the BAR Managing Authority to monitor the substantive and financial progress of the projects as well as of the BAR as a whole, so as to meet the reporting requirements imposed by the European Commission.



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