BAR - Brexit Adjustment Reserve

How much is the BAR grant?

The BAR grant can be a maximum of 80% to 100% of the total eligible costs, depending on the type of organization. The state aid provision must also be taken into account.

This is an open call for projects. Applications are accepted until July 1, 2023 or until funds are exhausted.

What expenses can be submitted?

The grant amount  is determined based on the accepted project budget. VLAIO is responsible for assessing the eligibility of activities, costs and how these should be justified. VLAIO may request additional information from any applicant for justification purposes.

  • costs incurred as a result of Brexit
  • costs incurred from the time of the application until December 31, 2023
  • costs do not include taxes

The project budget may include:

  • staff costs
  • investment costs
  • operating costs
  • overheads (7% on total operating and staff costs)
  • subcontracting costs

Reference period

Affected organisations can apply to the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) for costs within the project reference period if they suffer losses due to the Brexit.

Project reference period

Start date: The project may start from the day after the BAR application form is submitted.

Note: Application forms submitted after 1 July 2023 will not be accepted.

End date: 31 December 2023 is the last date of the project period.

All eligible accepted costs must be reported by 16 October 2023.

Note: Regarding project costs running between 16 October and 31 December 2023, which have been accepted as eligible costs but cannot yet be proved, the support will be paid in advance.  Evidence of this will be verified in January 2024. A possible recovery is possible if the real costs are lower or if the supporting documents are not provided.

Eligible costs between 16 October and 31 December 2023 are costs related to an approved project which were ongoing before 16 October 2023.

Applications can be submitted until July 1, 2023 at midnight, or until funds are exhausted.

Applications will be reviewed in order of submission. Projects can be approved subject to availability of funds.

All direct financial support is granted within the limits and conditions of the European State Aid Regulation and the BAR Regulation.



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