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Research Project

What does the research project grant entail?

The grants for research projects support your company in carrying out ground-breaking research with an intrinsically high risk, which in the long term can potentially lead to a significant positive impact for both the company and for Flanders. 

Specifically, the VLAIO agency provides grants for the implementation of individual projects relating to a well-defined innovative idea. There is no preference for particular sectors, application domains or knowledge fields. A research project focuses on building new, ground-breaking knowledge in your domain, which is needed to eventually develop this idea into new or improved products, processes or services, or a combination thereof. Significant challenges and risks are associated with developing this new knowledge. Your project is based on a realistic plan to overcome such challenges and to manage the risks. Within a research project, you may collaborate with other companies or knowledge institutions, engaging them either as subcontractors or partners. The knowledge you develop provides a clear competitive advantage and has a positive impact on the further development of your company, both in terms of employment, investments and anchoring in Flanders. 

The focus of a research project is always on developing knowledge and high-risk research. Some supporting development activities may be included as well, in which case the project is considered a mixed project.


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