About us

Let us introduce ourselves

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship - VLAIO for short - is the point of contact of the Flemish Government for all entrepreneurs in Flanders. We stimulate and support innovation and entrepreneurship and contribute to a positive business climate that strengthens sustainable economic growth and job creation. We do this in collaboration with many partners in a strong network. 

Our mission is to 

Stimulate growth and innovation 

By financially supporting businesses with subsidies,we enable them to grow, transform and innovate. Examples of such subsidies are the SME portfolio, the SME growth subsidy, ecology premium and research & development projects. 

Promote entrepreneurship 

We work together with partners who can help guide SMEs from (pre)start through growth to acquisition. We also provide targeted support for the networking capabilities of growing companies. 

Support cluster operation 

We give organisations an individual boost, but also encourage them to cooperate more intensively with other companies and knowledge institutions in a group-based setting, such as in clusters, innovative business networks and living labs. 

Create stimulating environmental factors 

On a spatial level, we facilitate the development of business parks and appropriate business accommodation for entrepreneurs. With correct information, bespoke advice (on permits, certificates, pre-proposals, etc.) and financial intervention, we contribute to ensuring that the right company ends up in the right place. 

Encourage internationalisation of business activities 

We play an active role in European networks that support companies with information, guidance and partnering. In this way, they can develop their activities in a sustainable manner across national borders.