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The Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is fully committed to helping you as a customer as best as possible. However, there may be a situation where you are not satisfied with our services and want to file a complaint.

All Flemish public services are subject to the Flemish Government's Complaints Decree of 1 June 2001.

How do you file a complaint?

You can send your complaint to klachten@vlaio.be.

The following information is necessary to ensure smooth processing of your complaint:

  • contact details
  • a clear and complete description of the facts that led to your complaint
  • a file number (if applicable)

As soon as the complaints coordinator has received your complaint, it will be entered into a complaints register. Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship then has 45 calendar days to prepare a response to the complaint.

Admissibility of the complaint

A complaint is a manifestation whereby a dissatisfied applicant complains to the government about an act or performance performed or omitted by the government. However, your complaint will be considered inadmissible if:

  • it deals with the general policy of the Flemish government and therefore does not fall within the scope of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship's scope and competence
  • the facts to which it relates are older than one year
  • the complaint regarding the same facts was previously processed by the agency
  • the complaint concerns a decision against which you have not yet exhausted the organized means of appeal
  • the facts relate to a jurisdictional appeal against a decision
  • your complaint does not provide (correct) contact information (for example, if you send the complaint anonymously)
  • you, as the plaintiff, cannot demonstrate your interest

Flemish Ombudsman Service

If you are not satisfied with the way Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship handled your complaint, you have the option of having your complaint reviewed by a second party: the Flemish Ombuds Service. This service will verify that we have processed your complaint properly.

Such a complaint can be submitted to the Flemish Ombuds Service