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Strategic Transformation Support

Which enterprises and expenses are eligible for the Strategic Transformation Support?

Both SMEs and LEs as well as cooperating enterprises can be eligible for this subsidy, depending on the costs of the qualifying investments.

Who is eligible? 

Both individual enterprises and cooperating enterprises can submit an application. 

With regard to individual enterprises: 

  • both SMEs and large enterprises located  anywhere in the Flemish Region qualify for educational support; 
  • for investment support: 
    • SMEs located throughout the Flemish Region qualify 
    • large enterprises only qualify if they are headquartered in the regional support zones. These zones are (subject to change): 
      • for Limburg: Bilzen, Heers, Hoeselt, Lanaken, Maasmechelen, Tongeren, Dilsen-Stokkem, Hechtel-Eksel, Houthalen-Helchteren, Lommel, Oudsbergen, Pelt, Beringen, Genk, Ham, Leopoldsburg, Lummen, Tessenderlo, Zutendaal 
      • for East Flanders: Ronse, Geraardsbergen, Ninove
      • for West Flanders: Middelkerke, Oostende, Diksmuide

With regard to cooperating enterprises: 

  • the cooperation must consist of at least three enterprises that are not partner or associated enterprises. These enterprises must not be part of the same business group. 

Only enterprises that carry out an acceptable principal activity can apply for support (a list of NACE codes can be obtained from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship).

Which expenses are eligible? 

Expenses related to high-risk projects in the context of a planned transformation scheme qualify. Over a period of three years, the qualifying educational costs and the qualifying investment amounts must at least be equal to the entry thresholds.


Project submitted byMinimal educational costs over a period of three yearsMinimal investment sum over a period of three years
an individual small enterprise (SE) €100,000 €1,000,000
an individual medium-sized enterprise (ME)€200,000€2,000,000
an individual large enterprise (LE) €300,000€3,000,000
cooperating enterprises, all SEs€300,000* **€3,000,000 * ***
ooperating enterprises, including at least one ME€400,000* **€4,000,000* ***
cooperating enterprises, including at least one LE €700,000* **€7,000,000* ***

* minimum amoutn per project
** minimum €50,000 per applicant
*** minimum €500,000 per applicant

Only the investments and education that are essential for the implementation of the transformation project qualify. The applicant must also demonstrate that the support applied for is essential and has a boosting effect.

The following educational costs may be considered: 

Education categories Qualifying educational costs 
1personnel costs of the trainers
2transportation expenses of trainers and trainees
3other ongoing expenses for material and required materials
4depreciations of machinery and equipment 
5costs of services for training and consultancy
6trainees’ personnel costs*

* up to the amount of the total of the aforementioned costs.

The following investments may be considered:

Financial statement heading Qualifying investments 
21intangible fixed assets 
22buildings (land is excluded)
23installations, machines and equipment
24furniture and rolling stock
25leasing and similar rights
26other tangible fixed assets
27assets under construction and advance payment



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