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Strategic Transformation Support

How to apply for the Strategic Transformation Support

Each enterprise must fill in an application form, which VLAIO will subsequently assess on acceptability. 

Please apply for the support by using the designated application form. The completed and signed application form must be submitted together with the transformation plan and the other appendices BEFORE the start of the transformation project. VLAIO will send an acknowledgement of receipt to the enterprise. 

Subsequently the application will be assessed on acceptability (completeness, adequate financing capacity, transformation plan…) and the contents of the application will then also be assessed by a committee.  


A transformation review will determine whether the project meets the transformation criteria. 

These criteria are: 

  • the degree of innovation 
  • the degree of international competitiveness 
  • the degree of sustainability on an ecological and societal level, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or adaptation to climate change 
  • the degree of anchoring of the company, the creation of employment or strengthening the internal and external value chain 
  • the degree of strengthening the value chain or cluster which is important for the Flemish economy 

All criteria are equally important in the assessment procedure.



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