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Hindrance premium

What does the hindrance premium entail?

A financial subsidy for small enterprises who face serious hindrance from roadworks.

Through the hindrance premium, the Flemish government aims to offer small enterprises experiencing serious hindrance from roadworks some financial relief in order for them to be able to distribute brochures informing about the company’s accessibility, to set up a web shop or to reward ‘brave’ customers with bargains…

Each small enterprise that faces serious hindrance from roadworks and meets the criteria mentioned under ‘Requirements’ can claim this premium, irrespective of whether it has/ had to close completely or can/ could continue to offer its services. Initially, owners from enterprises that are eligible for this premium do not need to take action themselves. They will automatically and in time be informed by VLAIO and will receive a letter stating their eligibility. Owners of eligible enterprises are, however, expected to claim this premium through our web application after they have received such a letter. Once they have claimed the premium, they will receive €2000.





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