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National Brownfields Training Conference Detroit 2023, Detroit (USA)

National Brownfields Training Conference Detroit 2023, Detroit (USA): Session - Track 3: Climate Change and Resiliency’, August 10, 2023, 3:15pm to 3:30pm – additional information accompanying the Topic talk ‘Climate adaptation at brownfields sites in the region of Flanders – Belgium’ by Eddy Wille, brownfield negotiator.

The main focus of the Brownfield covenant Act (2007) is organizing a streamlined approach to tackle the variety of issues in brownfield redevelopment projects. The first projects were approved in 2009 and currently nearly 160 projects provided a lot of experience in the field. Since 2017, more attention was paid to spatial quality, sustainability and climate change.

Various sustainability measures were taken at brownfield sites:

  • Environmental remediation: cleaning up and removing any hazardous materials or pollutants present on the site before redevelopment can begin;
  • Circular economy: reclaiming derelict land to provide sites for initiatives in circular economy;
  • Energy efficiency: incorporating energy-efficient building design and materials, as well as renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power;
  • Water management: implementing rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse systems, as well as stormwater management systems to reduce the risk of flooding;
  • Green infrastructure: incorporating green spaces and landscaping into the development, such as parks, gardens, and green roofs, to improve air and water quality and provide natural habitats for wildlife;
  • Sustainable transportation: promoting active transportation options such as biking and walking, and incorporating public transportation infrastructure into the development;
  • Materials recycling and waste management: incorporating recycling and waste management systems into the development to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills;
  • Biodiversity enhancement: creating or enhancing habitats for biodiversity;

In addition to the presentation at the Topic talk, you can download more information here.



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