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The Brexit Resilience subsidy

Which projects and enterprises are eligible for the Brexit Resilience subsidy?

Which enterprises are eligible? 

This measure is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses in the private sector, with a registered office in the Flemish Region and with an accepted primary activity. 

The size of the business is determined according to the European SME definition.

Which projects are eligible? 

The aim of this subsidy is to support enterprises who, as a result of Brexit, feel the need to reorientate their business model or to adapt their operations management to be able to remain competitive on the British market. The following elements are of importance in the eligibility assessment of a project: 

The applying enterprise is directly/indirectly being affected by Brexit; 

The project makes it possible for the enterprise to arm itself against the changing market conditions and the challenges that Brexit causes them.  

The (impact of the) project is nearly irreversible.

Which costs are eligible? 

The Brexit Resilience subsidy offers financial support for acquiring strategic knowledge necessary to realize a sustainable transformation of the operations management. 

The subsidy can be used to: 

  • Pay the staff and overhead costs of the external service provider concerned; 
  • Pay the staff costs of employees who are directly involved in the execution of the project and the company’s own overhead and operating costs. 

Each enterprise can receive up to €50,000 subsidy of which maximum €25,000 can be used to pay for the staff and overhead costs of one or multiple external service providers and maximum €25,000 can be used to pay for a company’s own staff, overhead and operating costs. The project cost must amount to at least €20,000.



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