What does TETRA entail?

Subsidy for practice-oriented research and knowledge transfer by higher education institutions.

TETRA projects aim to translate recently available knowledge into concrete, useful information so that the target group can innovate faster and more efficiently. This may involve new technology, recently completed research or existing knowledge from another domain or sector. 

The target group for the project results are Flemish companies and/ or non-profit organisations. The projects have at least an economic finality (to be translated into competitiveness, employment and investments in enterprises in Flanders). In addition, the project can address a societal challenge. 

The projects must also fit in with the educational assignment of the applicant(s). There is a demonstrable relationship, added value and transfer of knowledge from the project to the college education(s)/ integrated education(s) of the applicant(s). There is a clear added value for the students who graduate in these programmes.



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