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Flanders’ educational system

Flanders’ educational system has an excellent reputation. According to the PISA surveys (Programme for International Student Assessment, OECD) ranking students from 70 different regions/countries, our students are amongst the best. For mathematics for example, only Finland is doing better in the Western world, and for sciences, only Finland and Lithuania are performing better.

Official schools (depending from local authorities or from independent organisations) provide education in Dutch. They are open to every child, and have a great expertise in helping foreign children, thanks to the openness of our society (about 10 % of the population in Flanders does not speak Dutch at home). They are free of charge.

Apart from our official local schools, we also house a wide range of International Schools, thanks to the presence of the EU, the NATO Headquarters and many foreign companies in our country. Some of these have an official background, such as the Japanese or European Schools, others are privately run. They all offer excellent education in a foreign language. The map below offers you a non-exhaustive list of International Schools in Flanders, and Brussels:

Flanders - the learning society.

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