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We offer ERDF in Flanders

Who we are

The ERDF unit of Enterprise Flanders acts as “national authority” for the ERDF in Flanders. We manage the Flemish Regional Programme “Investments for Growth and Jobs” and contribute to the efficient and smooth implementation of the different European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg) programmes and projects executed in Flanders.

Within the European Territorial Cooperation programmes, we represent Flanders in the various Monitoring and Steering Committees in the capacity of member state representative. We also host the contact point for the transnational programmes North Sea Region and North West Europe.

Both our regional ERDF programme as our ETC programmes focus on the same limited set of EU2020 core themes that were further declined and adapted to the Flemish regional context

  • Transition towards a knowledge based economy and strengthen innovation;
  • Transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of SME’s;
  • Valorisation and sustainable use of the environment/ressources.

These programmes fund cooperative projects by consortia of government organisations, research- and knowledge institutes, intermediary organisations, businesses and NGO’s that implement regional development projects with a long term perspective.

Available assistance

Feel free to contact the ERDF unit for:

  • general questions regarding ERDF projects and programmes being executed in Flanders;
  • assistance and advice to find appropriate project partners for your project;
  • for questions or advice on Flemish policy regarding ERDF;
  • advice on first level control issues and national eligibility rules related to Flemish project partners.

General questions regarding ERDF in Flanders are welcome via e-mail at economie.europa@vlaanderen.be. For questions regarding Interreg programmes and/or projects you can contact our programme managers and transnational contact via e-mail or by phone. Check out the contact details.