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SMART is an industry-driven EUREKA cluster program for advanced manufacturing. The aim is to promote R&D&I projects in the field of cooperation, in an international context and close to the market.

SMART organizes an annual call for projects. The first request is to submit Project Outlines (POs), after which the selected POs are asked to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). Information about this program, the European modalities for submitting projects, and the timing of calls is available on the SMART website. The corresponding Flemish project proposals must be submitted according to the general instructions for submitting a development or research project within VLAIO. The contributions of all Flemish partners involved must be combined in one Flemish application.

The Flemish sub-project is eligible for extra support for cooperation if:

  • the project obtains the SMART label (more information on the SMART website)
  • the partners have submitted a signed international consortium agreement
  • at least two Member States of the European Union are participating in the project
  • none of the companies individually accounts for more than 70% of the eligible costs of the cooperation project

Do you have specific questions about SMART? Email or call +32 2 432 42 97​




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