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What is this?

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking is a major European funding instrument, additional to traditional Horizon-2020 funding. ECSEL stands for Electronic Components & Systems for European Leadership and is a joint undertaking consisting of the European Commission, 26 member states and three industry associations (AENEAS, ARTEMEIS-IA & EPoSS).

Documents and templates for application

  • ECSEL-calculator, simulator of cost and funding prediction in the double budgeting system of Horizon-2020/ HERMES Fund (VLAIO)
  • Template cost model for the Flanders R&D funding application (equal template for both research and development projects) and template for future financial reporting. The EXCEL-template contains a sheet for ‘the application’  as well as a sheet for ‘the end reporting’ for the HERMES fund (VLAIO).
  • Guidelines for the mandatory ‘PartC’. This template is mandatory for FPP-application. Special confidentiality aspects to be discussed with the VLAIO.

Any specific questions on ECSEL application? Please contact, T.+32 2 432 4301, VLAIO responsible officer.

ECSEL is a joint undertaking between the private and public sectors (both European Commission and member states) giving support to the electronic components and systems sector.




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