Spearhead clusters

The focus of the Flemish cluster policy is on a limited number of large-scale and ambitious spearhead clusters. These spearhead clusters will develop and implement an ambitious long-term strategy and competitiveness programme for the Flanders strategic domain, in collaboration with companies, knowledge centres and the government (triple helix).

Overview of the spearhead clusters:


Spearhead cluster for sustainable chemistry and synthetics

More information: catalisti.be


Spearhead cluster for materials

More information: www.sim-flanders.be


Spearhead cluster for energy

More information: flux50.com


Spearhead cluster for logistics and transport

More information: vil.be

Flanders Food

Spearhead cluster for agrofood

More information: www.flandersfood.com 

Blue Cluster

Spearhead cluster for blue growth 

More information: www.blauwecluster.be