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Innovation clusters in Flanders

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship has selected four spearhead clusters and fourteen innovative company networks that will design the cluster policy of the Flemish Government. The focus of the cluster policy is on increasing the competitiveness of the companies and on improving active collaboration.

The spearhead clusters connect to important strategical domains in Flanders and are large-scale triple helix initiatives that receive financing for up to ten years to develop and implement their competitiveness programme. The innovative company networks are usually smaller, bottom-up initiatives, receiving support for a period of three years to organise a collaboration dynamic in a specific domain that could lead to the increased competitiveness of companies.

Both spearhead clusters and innovative company networks focus on Flemish companies that have growth ambitions, innovation awareness, and an international attitude, and that are open to collaborations with other companies and knowledge centres.

If this appeals to you, check the various initiatives and discover which cluster best suits your interests.