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Innovative company networks

Innovative company networks aim to construct a dynamic within a group of companies. The company networks are expected to implement concrete action plans, with visible economic added values for the participating companies, by collaborating intensively between the companies. This cluster type also includes mutual initiatives in upcoming domains.

Innovative company networks differ from spearhead clusters in scale, maturity, time horizon and ambition level. They are small-scale initiatives with a support time horizon of three years.

These are the projects supported:

Air Cargo Belgium

Network for air cargo sector. More information: http://aircargobelgium.be/


Network for industrialisation of construction sector. More information


Network for fintech sector. More information: https://b-hive.eu/

Cluster BIM

Network for the creation of information models. More information

Digitising Manufacturing

Network for digitisation of the manufacturing industry. More information


Network for drone dealers and users. More information: http://euka.org/?lang=en


Network for the air traffic sector. More information: http://flag.be/ibncluster/

Flanders' Bike Valley

Network for the bicycle sector. More information: http://www.flandersbikevalley.be/

Groen Licht Vlaanderen

Network for digitisation and sustainable connected LED lighting. More information

IBN composieten

Network for the composite industry. More information

Innovatieve coatings

Network for coating industry and applications. More information: http://cluster-innovatieve-coatings.be/

Offshore energy

Network for companies of offshore energy (wind, wave and tidal). More information: http://www.offshoreenergycluster.be/index_en.php

Power to Gas

Network for hydrogen applications. More information: http://www.power-to-gas.be/

Smart Digital Farming

Network for digital agriculture applications. More information: https://www.smartdigitalfarming.be/