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IBN composieten

The Innovatief BedrijfsNetwerk Composieten aims to create a dynamic in the composite industry by identifying and bringing together companies from value chains where composite materials may constitute an opportunity and/or an added value. This dynamic should lead to a revenue growth and an employment increase in the composite industry.

To achieve this, we strive to

increase the innovative power of collaborating companies;
quicken the implementation of new or innovative products or processes;
increase the regional, national and international visibility of the Flemish composite industry.

In this cluster the value chain of the composite industry will be covered as well as possible. On the basis of market needs, a number of specific cases will be defined, which should lead to more revenue by marketing improved products and/or processes or by creating new business (new to us/new to market) in Belgium and abroad. If you are a member of the cluster, you will be involved in these new developments, possibly creating new business activities by combining competencies in the value chain.


Wouter Geurts, T +32 2 706 79 27, wouter.Geurts@agoria.be