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Groen Licht Vlaanderen

With the motto ‘Led’s be connected’, we collaborate on the digitisation of lighting.

The digitisation of the lighting industry is a huge challenge for the traffic lights sector and is not possible without the help of specialists in the areas of IT, electronics, automation, etc. Digitisation and connecting lighting can have a tremendous added value, allowing revenues to rise. The applications and challenges can be found in the areas of:

The increasing focus on lighting quality of the home and work environment.
The personalising of lighting adjusted to eyesight, age, personal mood and nature of the activities to be carried out.
The expansion of the functionality of lighting equipment via sensors that measure temperature, presence, daylight, air quality, etc.
The expansion of the functionality of the complete lighting installation (communication, commissioning, etc.)

Multidisciplinary collaboration via an open innovation concept is the only way to valorise the economic opportunities, because the issue transcends the expertise of individual parties. To make this transition into a success, and to perhaps speed it up, a catalyst and a coach are needed: Groen Licht Vlaanderen fulfils these roles.

Groen Licht Vlaanderen will act as a go-between so that companies in the lighting sector will meet on the one hand companies from the IT, electronics and automation sectors, and on the other hand other lighting companies, to stimulate collaboration.



Catherine Lootens & Peter Bracke, T +32 9 265 87 13, info@groenlichtvlaanderen.be