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Government support

Both Regional (Flanders) and Federal (Belgium) authorities offer support via direct subsidies and fiscal measures.

 Tax reductions belong to the core business  of the Federal Authorities. The most important ones are:

The Regional Authorities (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IWT and PMV) support new and existing companies by means of subsidies and they also provide risk capital.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

offers you several products, of which the most important ones are:

We also encourage innovation in Flanders through financial support, networking and by facilitating international cooperation. To this end we support both small and large businesses, organizations, research centers and researchers via different support programmes.

Get acquainted with our innovation support here.


offers financing solutions to all companies that operate in Flanders. They cover a company’s entire development cycle, from its earliest inception to its growth and internationalization. Depending on the situation or the purpose of the SME or large company in question, PMV offers risk capital, guarantees for capital loans, advantageous loans or investments via external funds.

Learn more about PMV support via www.pmv.eu.