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Cluster BIM

Building Information Models at an accelerated pace: optimising mutual collaboration, removing obstacles and developing new applications.

WTCB aims to develop initiatives for companies operating in the construction sector (investigation agencies, contractors, materials and construction elements manufacturers) for the application, standardisation and implementation of BIM. The concept of BIM consists of all parties collaborating to establish a digital model of the construction project, correctly adding all information required to complete the construction project. This should lead to time savings, improved project management, error elimination, efficient use of materials, collaboration with more companies, and an increased chance of international activities among cluster members.

The Cluster unites companies that want to further develop BIM technology, other parties that want to use the technology (more actively), and product and system manufacturers who see this evolution as a special technological marketing challenge.


Cluster organisation: WTCB in collaboration with the VCB
Contacts: Bart.Ingelaere@bbri.be; Tim.Lemoine@bbri.be; Charlotte.Euben@bbri.be