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Bouwindustrialisatie & off site construction

The cluster facilitates sustainable forms of collaboration between cluster members that lead to a more deeply integrated systematic use of prefab construction products and solutions, as well as on-site automation.

In the construction sector, many companies still follow the traditional “construction philosophy”: every building is unique. This leads to ad hoc solutions at the yard, high costs of failure, labour-intensive processes, difficult and unsafe working conditions, and much interference of contractors and subcontractors. Increasingly strict insulation, airtightness, acoustics and stability regulations only serve to expand these issues.

To respond to this, the sector is convinced now more than ever that forces should be combined to establish a concept of construction industrialisation. By applying industrial logic to the design, preparation and realisation of constructions, system solutions and/or prefabrication are obvious solutions. However, single companies that want to implement these solutions encounter many difficulties and obstacles. Proper steps in the application of construction industrialisation can be taken only in a group: on the one hand by removing obstacles together and on the other by strengthening companies’ individual approaches through collaborations with others. It is expected that a successful step forwards will soon lead to a widening market for all cluster members, and will eventually create a wider following.


Luc François, cluster manager, T +32 5 655 77 11, luc.francois@bbri.be